Dyb:ro:yoga is a yoga studio that practices Kundalini yoga. The studio has many different courses and retreat and specializes as well on yoga for children. The brief was to totally redesign the webpage, rearranging the content and renewing the visual identity, to improve the usability of the website.

The Client


The Team

In cooperation Yan&Co who has been in charge of the development of the web site in WordPress


New online visual-identity and redesign of their webpage.

Design & UX

Strong visual hierarchy

It's important to organize the content of the webpage in a way that’s usable, accessible, and logical to the everyday site visitor.

Online courses

Make it easy for your users to access your products, whether it's a webshop or online services.

Make it personal

Personality will set your brand apart from competitors and help you connect with a passionate audience.
– Aaron Walter
Design & UX