Fanatic wanted a redesign of their logo as well as a new visual identity. Our goal was to create something that was modern, while at the same time within the fantasy universe. 

The Client

Fanatic – A role-playing & fantasy games store. Fanatic is Roskildes largest dealer of live-roleplay equipment, card games and board games.

Our Role

New visual identity
Concept development
New logo
Typography & Colors
Prototype for uniforms

Logo design

A logo that says it all

We wanted to create a logo that would stand out from competitors while at the same time reinforce the essence of the company. We decided to encompass the 3 most important aspects of Fanatic: their creativity through the use of the paint brush, their love for games through the use of the dices, and of course the fantasy universe which is represented by the Nordic Orc.

The slogan should speak for the brand

By adding a slogan to the logo “Vi elsker spil” (we love games), we communicate the essence of a brand, which makes it easier for people to relate to and remember the name.

Alternative version of the logo

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