The Municipality of Roskilde asked us to create a visual identity and graphics for their new waste sorting and recycling system. 

The Client

Roskilde Kommune (The Waste and Recycling Department)

Our Role

Designed a guide for the their new waste sorting and recycling campaign.
Designed stickers and hanger for all the different types of recycling bins.
Designed garbage truck billboard to promote the campaign.


Waste sorting & recycling guide

In 2017 the Municipality of Roskilde is laughing a new waste and recycling system where the residents of the municipality will have to sort their household waste into 4 different categories. The guide explains about the different types of waste and how to dispose of each.

High quality eco friendly print

Infographics present complex information quickly and clearly

Hangers & Stickers

Labeling the interior and exterior bins

The client asked us to create a hanger which could be put on the bins with feedback to the owner. This is meant to teach proper management of household waste. Additionally we designed stickers for inside the lid of each bin that explains how to sort waste into the 5 different compartments.

Outdoor campaign

Garbage truck billboard

This billboard was placed on all the garbage trucks in Roskilde prior to launging the campaign as a way to increase awareness of the upcoming changes. The main idea was to establish a positive image of having to recycle so that the residents were more prone to accepting the changes with a positive attitude.